Introverts CAN make amazing Leaders

It may surprise you but many of the attributes of less confident people make them very effective leaders – you just might not hear them shouting about it though!

Many of the clients I work with strive to be more out-going, have more to say and want to be an unmissable figure in the boardroom that everyone looks to for inspiration and leadership.  However, in a world that often rewards results, I often tell my clients that succeeding, whilst retaining their personality is often the best way forward.  It isn’t always necessary to ‘get noticed’ by being louder or more charismatic than the rest if you are good at what you do.  Those that work on presenting and selling themselves in the workplace sometimes alienate their team-mates and can be less effective in their roles. The following 7 personality traits demonstrate that you don’t have to have small celebrity status in the boardroom in order to achieve results.

Great Leaders are Collaborative.  They consult and listen to others and gain investment from their teams who feel respected and thus want to contribute.

Great Leaders are Passionate and their passion is reflected in their focus and creativity which gets them noticed for the right reasons. Passionate people are congruent which means they appear more trustworthy and believable.

Great Leaders are Focused on the details and allow team members autonomy to carry out their roles which inspires respect and loyalty.  Because they are focused on the task and not on how they appear to others, they get more done.

Great Leaders are Reflective.  Rather than blustering through projects in a way that they hope makes them appear dynamic, they take time to gather the facts and make the right decisions.

Great Leaders stay Calm and this helps them to analyse issues more clearly and come up with solutions to challenges along the way.

Great Leaders are Modest.  Instead of focusing on making themselves look good, they remain more focused on their purpose and on demonstrating their ability through their achievements.

Leaders have different styles but it is clear that some of the greatest leaders do not always stand out as the loudest and most charismatic.  So if you have always doubted your ability to lead or manage in your career, please think twice and recognize the unique leadership talents you possess.


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