You had this great idea. So you developed the idea into a goal and you started to make progress towards your target. Wow, you felt good about yourself as you stayed focussed and kept up the momentum as you moved unerringly towards achieving that goal. Then along came hurdles, little ones, double decker bus sized hurdles, football pitch sized hurdles, hurdles the size of Wales.

And for the first time you hear that little whisper from your biggest critic,

“You cant do this”

“You have got it wrong”

“You are not clever enough, experienced enough, young enough”.  (Tick where applicable).

It is that same old voice you hear every time things you aim for do not come smoothly. The same voice that persuaded you to stay home all warm and safe in your comfort zone. The same voice that shouted loud and clear from the rooftops that you `could not` – even though, you knew you could.

It’s your voice, the inner commentary on your life.

Why do you listen to that self criticism? What good have the negative mutterings of your biggest critic done for you over the years. If we are to succeed, we need to grow, to challenge, to reach beyond our current capabilities! The voice that says you are going to fail, keeps you small, a reluctant wall flower waiting for you’re day in the sun that will never come.

Time to say “shut up” to the whispering voice before it becomes a shout. It is as simple as that. When things go wrong, and they will from time to time, and you hear that first little utterance of negativity, just say “NO” .

Don`t let the negative input from your inner critic be the beginning of the end for your goal, rather, let it be the signal that you will achieving your target by a different route, a route that fits better with your current circumstances. Your worst critic wants to remain in the ‘comfort zone’ but if you do, you may become like a hamster on its wheel, frantically trying to move forward but ultimately getting nowhere.

Get off the wheel, say `NO` to your biggest critic!!!


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