Let's talk about Confidence

Does your next event need something different? 

Would you like your staff to feel inspired? 

How about an injection of Confidence? 

I am a skilled and experienced speaker and would love to come and speak at your event. Whether it is corporate, team building, after-dinner or workshop sessions.  I am a Business Woman, Author, Coach and Mother and I work with people from all walks of life helping them to ditch procrastination and self-doubt and become their ‘better selves’.  My speaking style is relaxed and entertaining and my goal is to ensure attendee’s leave my events feeling inspired and motivated!

Below are some examples of the topics that I speak about regularly at events all over the country: 


  • How to identify Limiting Beliefs and smash your targets
  • Ditch the Confidence Crushers and fulfil your potential
  • How Self-Confidence ignites motivation and helps to grow your business 
  • Why Confident people are successful people
  • Gratitude & Appreciation 
  • How Mindfulness can call time on stress.
  • Building emotional resilience 
  • How to become a happy person


  • How to be more energetic and creative
  • Building a workforce who are healthier and take fewer days off due to illness
  • Achieving excellent communication skills
  • How to become resilient and to manage change
  • Pulling the plug on stress


“Entertaining, useful, excellent!  The session has inspired us all and I feel more creative and excited about my role again” 

“Thanks very much for such an amazing workshop. We all felt motivated afterwards and there was a warm buzz in the staff room.” 

Contact me to talk about the ways in which we could tailor an event for you!


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