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“Anne has helped me to focus, be clear about what I want and how to get it.  Anne is a remarkable communicator, and a terrific listener. She has a keen knack for cutting through to those things that help me focus. She has given me many manageable tools that are helping me to achieve well-defined goals. She listens, gently nudges, brainstorms with me, and helps me course-correct. Her approach is grounded, balanced, thoughtful and precise. With her help, I am now living my congruent life and feel very fortunate to have met her!” Andrew G (New York).

“From our very first session you shed both light, guidance and expertise that, in my terms, was right on the money.  I know this doesn’t happen by accident; rather it is a product of skill and experience.  I count myself fortunate to have had your assistance over recent weeks. Thank you Anne” Sarah P (Lancashire)

“Thanks, Anne.  I am feeling more positive already having made the phone call and talked with you” Sue B (Preston)

“Just to say that Emma passed her law exam.  She was able to use your techniques and it obviously helped.”  Sharon P (Lytham)

“Thank you kindly for the personnel coaching that you provided myself, which through your assessment helped me focus on the area of my life that I’d been fighting to change for many years, my weight. Through working with you, I was motivated to manage what I was eating. You also took the time to focus on other aspects that I had struggled with in my work, the self-doubting and lack of confidence. Following the coaching sessions, I have lost 4 stone in weight and now have more self-confidence. I also now have a partner in my life which I could not have imagined.” Paul W. (Blackpool)

“Dear Anne, we wanted to share this very positive feedback with you. Thanks for all your work for us and especially for the quality of service and support you provide to our clients; we know it makes a great difference in client’s careers but it’s nice to actually hear it sometimes.  Many thanks and well done!” Paul T (Glasgow)


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