Well…So much has changed since I last wrote and I hope you are keeping safe and well! It is a worrying time and we need to avoid a lot of the inflammatory scary stuff that we are reading online and keep focussed on those things we CAN control. I’m inviting my followers to join my Facebook private group ‘Resilience Hub’ at https://www.facebook.com/groups/238274170633376 so if you need a little support, inspiration or a place to share your concerns and receive a little support, perhaps this will can help!?.

I have had so many clients tell me this week of the things they are doing to keep in touch with friends and family members and I thought I would share one or two:

The Family Quiz

Who was the first person in the family to get a mobile phone? Who was it that met Paul McCartney? How many years did Dad work for the Fire Service? Design a fun family quiz or get some general knowledge quiz questions off the internet and keep those brain cells stimulated whilst sharing fun with family.


Research tends to show that achieving goals with other people increases your chance of success – so if you want to raise money, get fit or complete any other kind of challenge, why not involve friends or family back home? It will give you more motivation, it doesn’t require live conversation, plus it is a shared experience that can help you feel connected when you’re miles apart. MakeMe is a particularly good app for this.


Not many people think to communicate with each other via recorded videos, but if you have a time-distance issue, it is a great alternative to live calls. The easiest way to do this in a group would be via file sharing apps like Dropbox. The possibilities for your mini-films are numerous – they could be video letters or vlogs, nostalgic tributes to your time together, or montages of video snippets from your day-to-day life. Either way, it is entirely flexible.

Long-Distance Book Club

This one is ideal for the bookworms among you. If you have a group of friends or family who are always reading, you could get together and read some books you’ve been meaning to tick off your list. You could buy them online via audible/kindle etc. Then, when you next talk to each other, you’ll have plenty to discuss.

Cookery Lesson

Why not show another family member how to cook a simple thing like pan cakes like they do on MasterChef??

How are you staying connected with friends and family? Let us know your ideas @ anne@confidenceguru.com.

Time Out

As much as we love our partners/families/pets etc… We will all benefit from some time away from everyone during this period especially if we are home schooling or trying to balance work and child care. Take whatever opportunity to can to step out of this new routine. Take turns with your partner to give each other some ‘do not disturb’ space or ensure when the children are in bed you do something solely for you. And if this time is bringing about higher than average work levels, make sure you regularly step out of the office (or spare room) and get a bit of exercise, do a mindfulness meditation or read a book in a different space, a room you rarely use or the garden shed! This will help you to recharge and remain resilient. Anyone got any other great tips for how to get some ‘time-out’?

And finally….

This is a testing time but it WILL pass. Keep working on your confidence and resilience so you can ‘bounce back’ from this and enjoying living a better life soon!


Anne x


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