What is Confidence Coaching?

"I wasn’t sure what to expect....I found genuine clarity, resilience and motivation” - Sean L

Coaching is a process designed to help you make positive changes in your life.  By understanding yourself better you will be able to challenge your limiting beliefs, building your confidence and motivating yourself to develop your own inner resources.  You will receive the support and guidance you need in order to achieve change.  You will feel empowered and able to be the person you have always wanted to be as limiting beliefs are left behind.

As we identify your goals and work towards them, you will feel a sense of purpose, growing self-esteem and confidence.  This will enable you to challenge obstacles and begin achieving. This process involves changing your thinking and behaviours, but with a new enlightenment this will feel exciting and enjoyable.  Sessions are delivered by face to face sessions, telephone sessions or Skype.  Everything you share about yourself will be treated confidentially so that your privacy can be assured.

The number of sessions you have depends on how much work is required.  If you want to tackle something specifically e.g. public speaking nerves (or something similar) but otherwise are fairly confident, I would suggest Package A.  However, If lack of confidence affects most areas in your life, I would suggest Package B.  Any resources supplied are included in the cost of our sessions.  Each package includes additional resources and progress work between sessions.

  • Package A (4 Sessions): £320
  • Package B (8 sessions): £600
  • Individual sessions: £90

Payment is by bank transfer or cheque.

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