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‘Anne helped me to identify skills I never knew I had…’ - Sherry N

Like any other form of coaching, Personal Coaching provides the structure to achieve and succeed in your personal goals.  Do you want to be a songwriter or comedian, to enter the Olympics, to stop biting your nails, find love, lose weight or live in your dream home?  Personal Coaching will assist you in developing your skills, inner resources and drive to achieve the life you want.

“Our sessions helped me to find skills I never knew I had,  I got the degree, and I start work this week!”

Successful people generally work at achieving!  They have the focus and motivation to rise to the challenge and to bring about change.  We are all capable of living the life we want but sometimes we struggle to find the motivation to take the necessary steps towards our goals.   As Edward Young once said ‘Procrastination is the thief of time’.  We dream of the change we desire, and all the time, it is getting further away from us.  We talk ourselves out of taking actions which could bring about the change we really want.  Whether that is due to procrastination, fear or indecision, coaching can help you to define the important things you want to achieve in your life and can help to bring about that more focussed and more productive version of you.   At Awareness Coaching we work as your partner helping you to drive forwards, tackling obstacles and achieving that change.  Through Personal Coaching you will feel energised and motivated to take the steps that will give you the future you really want!

Professional Coaching

No matter what your current role is, if you are in search of career development, hiring a coach to help develop your skills and define your goals could greatly improve your chances of success.  Your coach creates structure and applies their expertise to help you to excel.

Professional Coaching focuses on your ultimate goal whether that is growing the organization or progressing in your career or indeed, finding a work/life balance.  This might mean developing your leadership skills to manage change, lead highly productive teams and thrive in a challenging business environment. Or you might need to create a strategy in order to brand or  ‘sell  yourself’ so that you can progress personally. Professional Coaching will help you to define goals, create strategies and plan to maximise your potential.


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