We all feel it! That increase in pressure at this time of year when we have more to do and we also need to find the extra cash to do it.  This can leave us feeling frustrated that we are not enjoying the Christmas period like we should do and it can have an impact on our self-confidence too.

This week I left myself 5 minutes to get ready for a Christmas party – Yes 5 minutes! By the time I had finished all I had to do I had just enough time to brush my teeth, throw on a party dress and apply some hasty make up. However, once we arrived and met up with all our friends, the hustle and bustle was all forgotten and the wine and atmosphere took over.  Next time, ‘I will finish work earlier’ I tell myself marking a reminder in my 2020 diary there and then.  Whether it is the Christmas party, drinks with family and friends or simply a leisurely walk out to get some fresh air…why not schedule the time in your diary and make sure you set plenty of time aside so you can take in your surroundings, and enjoy the preparation?  We all live busy lives now and it is important to plan for relaxation…or it may never happen.

When my children were young I remember each year we would go for long walks to look at the Christmas lights in the gardens and windows in our neighbourhood.  It really got us in the Christmas spirit.   I’m planning to do this again this year and who knows…one of my adult children might join me!?

We are looking forward to the New Year at Confidence Guru as we have a fabulous programme of workshops and webinars which will help more of our clients to overcome the barriers to their self-confidence. Here are some of the topics we will be coverings:

Resilience Building Masterclass, Stress Management, The importance of First Impressions, Overcoming Workplace Bullying, Tackling Imposter Syndrome, Networking Skills, How to make your Retirement the best time of your life, Overcoming Empty Nest Syndrome, How to be Assertive without feeling guilty, The Dating Game – Developing your Self Confidence, Starting up your Small Business or Side Hustle….any many more

We are finalizing the programme in the next week or so and will be sure to publish it immediately so that you can enroll for the new year.  Self-Development is the most important activity in building your skill set and self-confidence so make sure you do something next year that takes you out of your comfort zone and you will feel the benefit!

Christmas and New Year offers: Bookings of confidence coaching packages prior to 20/01/19 will enable you to receive a 20% discount on the usual prices.  Develop your self-confidence in the new year and make 2020 the year you begin living the life you want.  Call or email us quoting Xmas19CG to receive the discount.  If you buy a package as a Christmas gift for someone they will also receive a copy of my book ‘Confidence Guru – Discover a Confident You’ worth £8.99.

Whatever you do this Christmas and New Year make 2020 a year of improvement and change for yourself!




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