Be happier in 5 simple steps

I meet people every day, often who have the same challenges, yet some are happy and some are not.  The secret to their differing contentment levels is all about their mindset.  Here are 5 techniques you can use daily which will improve your happiness levels:

  1. Give something of yourself to others – Take 5 minutes out of your day to smile at others, offer assistance, make them a coffee, congratulate or thank others in your life for what they do for you. Their positive response to your kindness will increase your happiness levels too.  When you make someone happy the feeling ‘rubs off’ on you!
  2. Practice some gratitude – Take a few moments to reflect on what you appreciate about your life, past experiences, partner, family and friends.  This will help you to refocus your attention on the positives in your life.
  3. Be Mindful – Take 3 minutes to slow down and really enjoy or experience something each day.  Savour the taste of chocolate, feel the breeze in your hair or raindrops on your skin.  We miss so many little treats throughout the day because we are so busy…take a few moments to reconnect with your senses and enjoy the moment.
  4. Take control of your day – Don’t wait for others to determine your plans, invite someone out to lunch, plan to go jogging with others, initiate completing that difficult project at work. Feeling ‘in control’ of your life leads to a sense of accomplishment and improves happiness levels.
  5. Laugh – We all know that laughter improves mental well-being, watch your favourite comedian online for just 2 minutes to give you that happiness injection.

These simple steps cannot change the life you live or the challenges you face but they WILL change your happiness levels if you practice them every day.  Being happier helps you manage life’s challenges more easily.


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